Nutrition Guidance & Plans

What the public expects and

what is HEALTHY for an individual are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.


Nutrition Plan

Valentina Cioce will make a outlined plan of good eating habits based on your current diet and goals. She will introduce you to a super tracker food app that will help you make healthy eating decisions. This app will also track your daily meals and exercise workouts.


  • $50

Grocery Store Tour

Valentina will personally take you on a tour of your favorite grocery store and show you what to look for when choosing foods. She will show you how to navigate through the store to make healthy options and save money in the process. FEE: $50

Nutritional Guidance

Valentina can recommend diet plans as well as give knowledge and advice on how nutrients affect your body and overall performance.

FEE: $50

Cooking Demo

Valentina will do an in-home cooking demonstration with a recipe of your choice, depending on its difficulty. She will also give you pointers on how to properly store food so that it will last longer as well as demonstrate a few easy snack ideas. FEE: $50

Being Healthy & Fit Is Up To YOU, So INVEST In YOURSELF & YOUR GOALS