A muscle is like a car.

If you want it to run well early in the 
morning, you have to WARM IT UP.


One On One Yoga Sessions

Valentina Cioce is available for one on one yoga sessions. She is versatile and can teach various styles of yoga, ranging anywhere from a gentle vinyasa flow to a power yoga, depending on your personal needs. Individual sessions typically run from 40-60 mins.


$15 per session

Sunset Yoga

Valentina offers sunset yoga sessions 1 to 2 times a month at Vanderbilt Beach in Downtown Naples. Sessions are an hour long and start at 7:00 PM (depending on the Florida weather).

Love donations appreciated.

Group Yoga Classes

Valentina also offers group yoga classes for 4 or more people. These sessions are great team activities for either for businesses, neighborhood communities and more. Group classes generally run for about 40-60 mins.


$10 per person (for small groups)

Top Physical Improvements From Continued Yoga Practice


Better Flexibility

Yoga helps to loosen your body to reduce tightness hamstrings and other ligaments as well as connective tissue, leading to less body aches.


Improved Muscle Strength

By holding poses while focusing on your breathing, your muscles begin to tone and strengthen throughout your entire body.


Proper Posture

Yoga is great for those with joint problems, such as those involving your neck and back, by increasing your core strength and correcting your balance.

Being Healthy & Fit Is Up To YOU, So INVEST In YOURSELF & YOUR GOALS